Transformation of Singapore Coastline

Singapore Government is planning for a bold move to develop the Singapore Coastline and it will be carried out in phrases for the new creation known as the GWS (Greater Southern Waterfront).  The GWS begins from the renowned Gardens By The Bay East zone to the Pasir Panjang.  This entire GSW extends 30 kilometres of the southern coastline of Singapore.  The size of the land is estimated about 20 hectres and it is almost 6 times of Marina Bay’s size, inclusive of PSA terminals at Keppel, Tanjong Pagar, Pasir Panjang and Brani.

By the year 2027, PSA terminals will be shifting out to release the land for more commercial with entertainment options and housing in this prime location.


Phrase One will start with the expiry of the Keppel Club in the year 2021.  The land will be redeveloped into approximately 9,000 dwelling units for the private and public housing.  This is also part of the upcoming Greater Southern Waterfront


Phrase Two is the moving out of the PSA in Pulau Brani by the year 2027 to make way for a new destination for recreation.  This recreation destination will be undertaken by NTUC and is offering the attraction close to the USS (Universal Studio Singapore).  Exciting new developments for GWS will kick start immediately when Pasir Panjang Port moves out by the year 2040.  By then, it will truly caters offices inlign with the “work, live, play” concept.

This transformation of the Southern Coastline is advantage to Avenue South Residence as it sits nicely close to the coast and it is benefiting from the upcoming changes, tapping on its advantage as first movers and not paying more for Avenune South Residence price.

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